Nachshon Draiman uses his training in psychology and social work to solve a growing problem in American society. His desire to improve the long-term care for the elderly led him to take over and completely reorganize several long-term care facilities over the past 20 years. His facilities regularly receive positive reviews from state regulatory agencies, and are considered models in the industry.

When asked about his position on geriatric care, Nachshon Draiman was quoted saying; "I started in general social services but quickly moved into geriatrics, since it was an emerging field and the programs were virtually brand new, But even as I was learning I could also see there were ways to improve not only the attitude of caring for the elderly but also the mechanics of managing a facility so that less time and money could be spent on administration and more on the direct care of the people.”

Continually searching for an opportunity to serve, Nachshon Draiman formed Multiut, a successful utility consultancy dedicated to saving energy and utility use. He is dedicated to service, simply to help. It provides him with a deep satisfaction to take a basic concern for the well-being of others and make it into a successful business.

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